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Welcome to otters, where we channel - pun intended - the spirit of those adorable, expert problem-solvers: otters! We're not just your regular partner ecosystem company; we're here to swim alongside you in the vast ocean of partner ecosystems.

Just like otters work together to create ingenious solutions, we're your go-to team for building strong partnerships, crack the toughest nuts, and transform your business into an unstoppable force.

With our expertise and enthusiasm, we'll ensure your ecosystem thrives. From partner recruitment to partner management, we'll juggle all the balls, balancing them with the grace of otters balancing pebbles on their bellies.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can swim with the otters? Let's dive in and make waves together!


We don't just create partner ecosystems, we have our own

otters has partnered with other organisations to bring you the full cover for your company and partner ecosystem. Explore our implementation and advisory partners as well as partners who can help you in the areas of marketing, HR and law.

Animate Search

Animate your talent management engine and extinguish your people challenges.

We believe you need to think differently and challenge convention to attract, retain and develop the very best people. That's why we have developed a range of innovative talent management processes and tools to solve your unique problems.


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Arys was founded on the principle that true growth is founded in a customer-centric approach. We understood that one of the key drivers of our past success was the multiple strategic partnerships we had formed with other businesses. Realising that we had to renegotiate the reality of SaaS-based partnerships, we now focus on helping you grow by tying the customer-need and partner-need together to create sustainable value.

Arys are a team of agile partner professionals ready to increase your reach, enhance your
brand, and increase your revenue.


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NEBAE work with Information Technology companies to build partner ecosystems with the aim to extend their salesforce, increase revenues and expand their offerings.


Their skillset is very powerful, especially in terms of system integration, consulting and the management of partner relationships. These abilities contribute to achieving collaborative implementation and joint revenue growth, as well as establishing a successful/sustainable partner ecosystem. NEBAE's experience in the development of international relationships in multicultural environments and sales; enables them to establish and maintain high-level relationships in international consulting firms and other various large clients.



OL. Marketing

Introducing Olivia, a Marketing Strategy Consultant with over 10 years of experience in the tech and SaaS industry.


Olivia specializes in quickly grasping product nuances, crafting compelling offers, and driving revenue from new and relaunched products. With a strong focus on product adoption, launch strategies, satisfaction campaigns, and cross-selling initiatives, Olivia helps businesses maximize their market potential.


Partner with Olivia to tap into her extensive experience and propel your products to new heights in the tech industry.


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For about 20 years, Bernhard, founder of PartnerStandard, has developed partnerships across Europe, the US, and Asia in various industries, focusing on the SaaS industry for the last 10 years.

Navigating partnerships can be challenging. Besides the lack of quality guidance, Partnerships are often uncharted business territory. Most leadership teams have a background and experience in transactional relationships (sales). Partnerships, however, are collaborative relationships. Treating partners like clients can lead to inefficient partnership strategies and wrong KPIs that prioritize short-term gains over sustainable, capital-efficient growth.

PartnerStandard offers a clear and proven approach to make partnerships work for you. No more guessing. You'll get the framework, methods, and tools to build successful partnerships.

Learn to create valuable partnerships that help your business thrive.
Ready to tackle partnerships in a new way? Let's make it happen together. Schedule a call at PartnerStandard.com


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Partner Trybe

Building a partner ecosystem is a daunting task. Many organisations jump into it too quickly, hiring a full-time employee, with little experience,  without having really aligned how a partner ecosystem strategy fits into their overall business strategy.


At Partner Trybe we bring proven practices and methodologies from years of experience of having built partner ecosystem strategies from the ground up. Whether you are just getting started or would like to upgrade your current partner efforts, our Partner Chiefs are expert practicioners who can build and execute your ecosystem strategy for you. 


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We have specialist teams with expertise in Technology (SaaS), IP and Broadcasting Rights. They are led by experts in their field with substantial industry experience and are supported by lawyers from throughout the firm in the Media, Corporate, Commercial and Finance teams, all of whom have sector experience.

Our clients include tech companies, digital agencies, retailers, financial institutions, brands, publishers, picture agencies and broadcasters. We advise on their commercial requirements and, through our Dispute Resolution and Media and Communications Disputes teams, act on their behalf to enforce their rights in the UK, Europe and internationally.


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Thrive Consulting

Our mission is to create lasting employee relationships for growing companies. We partner with dynamic, innovative firms to offer premium solutions that enhance teams, spur innovation, and establish you as industry leaders. Our experts integrate with your business to streamline recruitment, onboarding, engagement, and development, delivering effective people strategies. Our methodologies improve employee experience, and our tools predict staff retention and tenure success, linking talent to revenue growth. This approach allows companies to concentrate on the positive contributions of their workforce to growth, rather than solely focusing on cost management.

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Collaborate for Success: Partner with Us and Grow!

We'd love to hear from you. Whether you want to use Otters as part of your engagements with your customers, build integrations or wrap services around it. Come joint the Otters partner community. Schedule some time with us and let's discuss your aspirations.

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