From start-ups to scale-ups, otters helps you take your partner ecosystem to the next level

Whether you're a dynamic start-up or a rapidly growing scale-up, we understand the importance of building and managing a thriving partner ecosystem. From strategic planning and partner identification to seamless collaboration and performance optimization, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Why use otters to grow your partner ecosystem?

otters is a team of experienced partner leaders with well over 15 years in the partner ecosystem space. We help start-ups and scale-ups expand to new markets and manage their partner ecosystem with us being an extension of their teams.


Instant Experience

We've been where you are. Our team has created and grown partner ecosystems for start-ups and scale-ups. On the turn of a tap you get instant expertise and experience. otters have a deep understanding of the dynamics of partner relationships, strategies for growth, and effective management techniques. By leveraging our knowledge, you can benefit from best practices and industry insights.


Proven framework

Our DREAM ⟨™⟩ framework was crafted from years of experience. Not every business is the same, but our framework can be applied to your business, no matter where you are in your journey. Our team is experiences in the art of partner success, which means less guesswork and less wasted time for you. You enjoy a faster time-to-market and less required investment.



Start-ups and scale-ups don't really swim in money. On top of that, in today’s uncertain economic climate you have to make careful decisions on where to allocate your budget. Through feedback of our customers we have crafted a subscription model that grows with you and your success.


Scalability & Flexibility

Partner ecosystems can be complex and dynamic, requiring constant attention and adaptation. We can quickly scale our resources to accommodate changes in your partner ecosystem, such as expansion or contraction. This is also reflected in our flexible subscriptions, allowing you to adjust the level of support based on your business requirements.


Network Expansion

otters have an extensive network and connections within the industry. We can help you identify potential partners, establish new relationships, and facilitate collaborations that align with your business goals. This access to a broader ecosystem can accelerate your growth and market reach.


Access to technology and tools

We have experience with various platforms and tools designed for partner management, including our very own otters Den platform. This can streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and provide better visibility into partner performance.


Your Partner Ecosystem looked after by otters

We design and manage your partner ecosystem with and for you. Our team will work with your stakeholders, partners and customers to review, design and implement your partner ecosystem framework, program and strategy.

Following the definition of your ideal partner profile, our team will then start to build a pipeline of potential partners, engage with existing ones and recruit new ones.

otters will manage the whole lifecycle including partner deal management for you, whilst being an integral part of your team. Your partners won't even know we are otters - unless you want them to.


Expand your partner ecosystem with otters

You have your own partner ecosystem team, but want them focused on collaboration with your existing partners while we take care of acquiring new partners for you and your team.

We jointly review existing partner value proposition, collateral and build an ideal partner profile as well as making sure your CRM is up to scratch to manage partners from discovery to on-boarding.

Our team then scouts new partners, conducts the first discovery call and facilitates a hand-over to your partner team to drive the partnership to a close.


Partner with and get mentorship from an otter

You have a newly established partner ecosystem and partner team but you are looking for additional guidance and coaching. otters can engage with your leadership team, partner team or individual stakeholders via regular catch-ups, coaching and guidance to ensure your partner ecosystem stays on track.


Do you have more questions for us?

How does the otters services subscription to manage my partner ecosystem work?

otters has designed a pricing model that matches the needs of start-ups and scale-ups. We have a monthly subscription, coupled with a commission based on the deals partners close while working with us. This model allows us to keep the monthly cost low, but provides a great upside for both our customers and otters through an incentive driven commission model.

What industries does otters work with?

otters has vast experience in the B2B technology space. That is where we excel and can provide the most value to our clients.

What types of partners has otters worked with?

otters have worked with diverse partners, including software vendors, system integrators, and industry associations, tailoring our approach to each unique ecosystem.

How does otters identify and recruit suitable partners for my partner ecosystem?

Our team will work with your stakeholders to identify an ideal partner profile. This includes learning more about your strategic and long term goals as an organisation, learning about the unique value proposition for your partners as well as getting to know your competitors. We then map this into our discovery approach, tapping into our existing network of potential partners, coupled with scouting and outreach via LinkedIn, competitive resources and existing partner introductions.

What resources do I have to provide to ensure a successful engagement with otters?

Whilst we can provide some additional services like HR, legal or marketing support via our partners, these will come at an extra cost. If you already have teams in place that can support your partner ecosystem strategy, we will partner with them and ensure a smooth delivery stream for your ecosystem. Remember, living a partner strategy is the responsibility of the whole organisation.