#1 Partner Success Platform

Make partner success a reality

More collaboration, less chaos, faster revenue and greater results. Connect your strategy with your partner ecosystem and make partner success a primary revenue driver.


faster go to market for your products and services via a well-developed partner ecosystem


average increase in revenue through an engaged and aligned partner ecosystem


cost savings in sales & marketing efforts when leveraging the strengths of partner ecosystems


Collaborate and create transparency with Otters

Don't get buried in static joint business plans. Focus on collaboration and executing your partner success plans, and creating visibility across your partner ecosystem.


Partner Ecosystem Management

Oversee strategies and execution across your partner ecosystem.


Strategic Planning

Create partner success plans, define goals and activities in collaboration with your partners.


Execution and Efficiency

Focus on collaboration and execution, not chasing stakeholders or updating documents.


Partner Success Transformation

Quit the old ways and create a sustainable and collaborative partner ecosystem.

The Otters Platform

Drive your partner ecosystem to success with one single platform


We scale with your partner ecosystem

Start with a free 14 day trial, no credit card required.



billed yearly at £6,000.00

Ideal if you  have your first partners on board and want to drive revenue through close collaboration

  • Free 14 day trial Free 14 day trial
  • Checkmark 5 partner success plans
  • Checkmark Unlimited users
  • Checkmark Unlimited partners
  • Checkmark 2 expert hours / month
  • Checkmark Standard support
  • Import partner data, including lead and deal data from your CRM


from £1,200/mo

billed yearly from £14,400.00

Ideal if you have a large partner ecosystem or custom requirements around features specific to your organisation. Get in touch and let's have a chat.

One platform for driving partner success


Need clarification?

What is a partner success plan?

Some call them joint business plans, here at otters we call them partner success plans (PSP). Simply because we are not here to just help you plan a joint business venture, but the success of your partnerships. PSPs are strategic roadmaps that outlines goals, objectives and activities required to foster strong and successful partnerships.

I have my partner success plans in PowerPoint, why do I need Otters?

Joint business plans, or Partner Success Plans as we call them, on PowerPoint, Word or even worse, email. We have heard and seen it all. They simply don't work as a medium to drive a successful partnership. Otters provides a platform to manage your partner success plans online, giving everyone access to what they need and drive instant success through collaboration and transparency.

Can I change my plan later?

You can downgrade your plan at the end of your commitment period. Upgrading is possible at any point in time to ensure your ecosystem is successful and growing.

What are expert hours and how can I use them?

We don't just provide the technology, we are also your partner throughout your partner ecosystem journey. If you ever have the need to review your strategy, talk about a challenge with a partner or simply need a sounding board, our expert otters are here to help. Simply draw on your expert hours to schedule a call and get some advise.

Do you provide services to help me with my partner ecosystem?

Absolutely! We are not just here to sell a product. We want you to succeed in the world of partner ecosystems. Not only do all our subscription plans come with expert hours to support you. We also provide coaching, partner recruitment and partner management services. Check out our Services section or get in touch to discuss your strategy, plans and how otters can help take your partner ecosystem to the next level.