Increase revenue through an effectively managed partner ecosystem

Collaborate, plan, execute and measure your partnerships in one single platform. No more Word documents, missed deadlines or underperforming partner ecosystems.


Some of the brands who trust in otters

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Some of the brands who trust in otters

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Boost Revenue through Collaborative Partnerships

With Otters, you and your partners can track your joint goals and activities in one central location, so you'll always know what's going on with your partner ecosystem. It's all about making sure that you and your partners are working together towards a common strategy, which is why we've made it possible for see progress instantly and hold everyone accountable towards the ultimate goal - more revenue.

Don't waste time on unproductive meetings or conversations — spend more time focusing on growing your partner ecosystem. With Otters, you'll have the platform you need at your fingertips so you can focus on relationships and making sure your partner ecosystem is getting what it needs from you!


What our customers say

“The Otters platform is helping our clients and their partner ecosystems stay on track. It has resulted in more aligned relationships and ultimately more revenue for both sides. A must have for anyone serious about partner success”

“Their professional and experienced team has been a pleasure to work with, and we're so grateful for the expertise and guidance they've brought to the table. We would highly recommend otters services to anyone looking to build a successful partner network.”

"otters was extremely hands on, helping us in 2021 one of the most challenging years, build a partner program that generated over $100,000 in annual recurring revenue."


Here’s all the good stuff



Enable internal and external stakeholders to see every step on the road to partners success



Foster collaboration and drive success by assigning goals and activities to partners or your internal teams.

Goals and Activities

Goals & Activities

Set clear goals and activities that hold teams and your partners accountable for success



Bring your stakeholders for partner success around a single source of truth for each partner relationship



Clearly define your routes and plans for partner success that can be replicated time-and-time again

Measure and Visualise

Measure and Visualise

Get a 360° view of how your partner relationships are working allowing you to be proactive and tackle issues head-on.

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Need clarification?

What is a partner success plan?

Some call them joint business plans, here at otters we call them partner success plans (PSP). Simply because we are not here to just help you plan a joint business venture, but the success of your partnerships. PSPs are strategic roadmaps that outlines goals, objectives and activities required to foster strong and successful partnerships.

I have my partner success plans in PowerPoint, why do I need Otters?

Joint business plans, or Partner Success Plans as we call them, on PowerPoint, Word or even worse, email. We have heard and seen it all. They simply don't work as a medium to drive a successful partnership. Otters provides a platform to manage your partner success plans online, giving everyone access to what they need and drive instant success through collaboration and transparency.

Can I change my plan later?

You can downgrade your plan at the end of your commitment period. Upgrading is possible at any point in time to ensure your ecosystem is successful and growing.

What are expert hours and how can I use them?

We don't just provide the technology, we are also your partner throughout your partner ecosystem journey. If you ever have the need to review your strategy, talk about a challenge with a partner or simply need a sounding board, our expert otters are here to help. Simply draw on your expert hours to schedule a call and get some advise.

Do you provide services to help me with my partner ecosystem?

Absolutely! We are not just here to sell a product. We want you to succeed in the world of partner ecosystems. Not only do all our subscription plans come with expert hours to support you. We also provide coaching, partner recruitment and partner management services. Check out our Services section or get in touch to discuss your strategy, plans and how otters can help take your partner ecosystem to the next level.